Mr BJ Jackson

About Me

Whether it’s producing, engineering, mixing, sound designing or songwriting. I’m able to accomodate a broad range of projects and budgets. So whatever your needs, if you’re interested in working with me please get in touch and we can chat about how best to do it.

Or for more info about my background or where I typically work, carry on reading. ↓


After working as a studio assistant at some of the UK’s most delicious studios (i.e. Olympic & Sarm) I got first my first production gig when my band To Kill A King (I’m a keyboard player) signed to Virgin Records and I produced some songs on our debut EP “My Crooked Saint”

In 2014 I started working with other people. Initially it was other indie bands I met while touring with To Kill A King but these days I work on all kinds of projects be it pop music, guitar music, electronica, I just love good music in all its shapes and sizes.

To date I’ve released 100+ songs and numerous albums and eps.

Where do I work?

Though I’m now based in Cornwall. I’m pretty flexible with where I work. I frequently travel back to London where I often work at the excellent Press Play Studios which offers the best value for money of any studio I’ve worked in. The gear is great and the rates are amazing.

In Cornwall, I have worked at the excellent Cube Studios, which is just down the road from me in St Agnes. I also have my own set up at home.

If you’ve been to Cornwall before you know, it’s a truly inspiring environment and I’m excited to now be offering residential writing / production sessions.

Come down and stay with me for a super productive session away from distractions and life.

In some places I work there isn’t even phone signal.

Imagine that. 😍